Look Away Now FAQ

Look Away Now has now been published! Download it here:


  • I don’t get it – what are the grey blank tweets?

    When a match is on, and for a few hours afterwards, any tweets that might be about that game are coloured dark grey and you can’t see the text. If you want to see the tweet then just touch it.

  • How does it work?

    The app knows about all the players and managers in the league and a lot of other information too. So our algorithm is pretty good at spotting the tweets that you really don’t want to see. It’s based on the content of the tweet, not the user who posted it. It’s not perfect by any means but our testing suggests it’s about 96-98% effective, and we’re improving all the time.

  • What games are involved?

    At the moment only games in the Barclays Premier League are covered. Future releases may include the Championship and perhaps other leagues.

  • I clicked on a tweet and now it’s asking me questions

    Look Away Now only shows you your timeline. When you click on a tweet Android will ask you if you want to view the tweet on Twitter’s own website using a browser, or one of your other Twitter apps, if you have any. You can choose what app you want to show you tweets. We recommend Twitter’s own app which is available on Google Play. For simplicity, click ‘Always Use This App’ (if you change your mind you can change it at any time from your phone’s Settings menu.) That way you’ll only have to answer the question once.

  • Why can’t I retweet/search/etc directly from the app?

    Fully functional Twitter clients such as Twitter’s own app, or Tweetdeck or Seesmic etc., are large and complex programs. Since our programming manpower is very small, we’ve concentrated on developing the ‘football spoiler’ aspect of the app first. Look Away Now just shows you your timeline and tries to protect you from spoilers. When you click on a tweet in the timeline you’ll be sent to twitter.com (or another Twitter app, if you prefer), and you can of course retweet, search and so on from there. Future versions will be be more fully-featured.

  • Oh no! I saw a spoiler!

    Sorry! We try very hard to filter out anything that might give the game away. Unfortunately some tweets can be very tricky to spot, for example ‘YESS!! What a beauty from Young‘ is obviously much harder to catch than ‘Nani scores to put Manchester United 1-0 up against Aston Villa‘. We are always trying to make the app better at spotting spoilers, and we welcome feedback (see below).

  • Why did you block this innocent tweet?

    We always try to be cautious and block absolutely anything that might be a spoiler. Sometimes that means that innocent tweets get wrongly put in jail. It’s more likely if your timeline is full of people talking about football all the time anyway. We are constantly improving and tweaking our algorithm to reduce the number of false alarms, and we welcome feedback.

  • What if a manager gets sacked or players move club?

    We offer downloadable updates which include player moves, manager appointments, rescheduled fixtures etc. You can check you’re up to date by clicking on ‘Check for Changes’ in the main menu. When big changes occur, such as the January transfer window, we may also send you notifications to remind you to get updated.

  • My friends tweet about football in Arabic (or French, or…) Will it still work?

    Look Away Now doesn’t work well with foreign languages since it tries to decide whether a tweet is about football using English football vocabulary. We may release versions for other languages in the future if there is sufficient demand, but for the moment it’s pretty much English only. Sorry.
  • Why do you need all those permissions?

    You can read about them on our Permissions page.

  • What about privacy? What info are you collecting on me?

    See our Privacy Policy.

  • Any plans for an iPhone / Blackberry / Windows Phone version?

    Not for the forseeable future. The platforms are very different and at the moment we don’t have the manpower to support anything except Android.

  • Can I get a refund?

    We’d rather you gave us direct feedback so that we can improve the app, but if you’ve bought the app in the last week or so and have decided it’s not for you, drop us an email and we’ll issue a refund through Google Play. We suggest you download the free version and try it out before spending money on the full version. If you were one of the few who bought the paid version before the free version was published, drop us a line.


It’s early days and we want to hear from you. Whether it’s suggestions for new features, bug reports or tweets that you think the app should have caught but didn’t, we want your input. We can be emailed at lookawaynowapp@chewbit.com and you should follow @lookawaynowapp on Twitter for the latest news.


This app makes use of the Twitter4J and AQuery libraries. We are very grateful to both teams for licensing their work for commercial use under the terms of the Apache License v2.0.

The ‘green grass’ graphic used in promotional material is licensed under Creative Commons from Creativity103.


Thanks to Celeen Mahe for the logo, Stephen Gardner for suggesting the name, and to Deirdre Donnellon, Andrew Galloni, Andrew Horton and Grainne Shannon for feedback during development.